Self Assessments & Tax Returns

  • Director/Limited Company
  • Sub-Contractor
  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Rental Property
  • Capital Gains
  • Expenses Claims

Do any of these apply to you? If so you will be required to complete an annual self assessment (tax return) for HMRC. At Hirst Accountancy we have departments that specialise in all areas of self assessment/tax return and are more than happy to complete this on your behalf for a very competitive price. You are able to liaise with your allocated accountant from commencement to completion of you annual accounts so there is no confusion and a good relationship is formed.

Allow us to handle any issues with HMRC on your behalf. Why have the stress? Leave it to us whilst you get on with making money and savings at the same time.

You will be provided with a set of accounts, tax calculation from your self assessment tax return and SA302 if you so require.

Payroll & Real Time

As from April, 2013 HMRC made it compulsory to inform them of your wages in ‘Real Time’. Real Time is a weekly or monthly submission to HMRC of your payroll information, before the date you pay employees.

At Hirst Accountancy we have a Real Time Co-ordinator who will complete this on your behalf on or before the deadline date. We also complete P45’s, P60’s and will deal with any issues or queries from HMRC.

Why add to your list of job responsibilities? Allow us to take this burden on your behalf, giving you time to do something more productive.

Limited Companies

Do you have a limited company or are you considering setting up a limited company? Why not speak to a member or our limited company department for advice?

At Hirst Accountancy we act for small, medium and large limited companies, whether there be one or 100 employees. Limited companies generate large sums of money, therefore our dedicated department are meticulous with every job, we will remind you of your deadline dates and give advice on areas you can save money and make a higher profit.

The service you can expect – from forming limited companies, submitting corporation tax returns (CT600), file annual returns and accounts to HMRC and Registrar of Companies, file directors’ self assessment/tax returns and produce full and abbreviated accounts that adhere to the requirements of all governing bodies.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Are you VAT registered or do you need to register for a VAT scheme? At Hirst Accountancy we can advise and register you for the most suitable of a full range of VAT schemes. Once you are registered we are more than happy to complete all your VAT returns, submit them before the deadline and also complete payment transactions on your behalf. All you need to do is provide the information and we will do the rest.

Expenses/Mileage Claims

Are you employed and have to subsidise some of your travel or accommodation expenses? If so why not claim these back. You can also claim back up to 4 years. Why be out of pocket when you can be reimbursed? If you think you could be entitled to claim then get in touch and let us advise you on your position and entitlements.

Start up Business

Want to be your own boss? Thinking of starting your own business? Why not get some advice and talk us through your idea? We can advise on costs, set up fees and point you in the right direction. Make use of our knowledge and experience before taking the plunge.

Will Writing Services

We have formed a relationship with a local company to be able to provide our current and new clients with Will Writing Services. All clients can now benefit from:


  • Basic Wills
  • Estate Protection Trust Wills
  • Severance Of Tenancy
  • Lasting Powers Of Attorney
  • Pre Paid Funeral Plans
  • Advance Directives
  • Secure Storage


  • Property Trusts
  • Probate Services

All clients are different. They have differing family circumstances and needs. These circumstances are ever changing. Our team is committed to providing up to date solutions for these changing needs – at affordable, competitive fees.

Our range of services are aimed at protecting against:

  • Claims on your estate
  • Care costs
  • Court of Protection/Mental incapacity
  • Your childrens’ divorce
  • Bankruptcy issues
  • Disinheritance for your blood children
  • We aim to provide these services whilst always remembering that the client needs, wherever possible, to remain in control.